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         ︎︎︎ stream.
          An ongoing, self-initiated project

          stream.︎︎︎ consists of a collection of evolving ideas — heterogeneous elements and assemblages — in the form of notes: sounds, images, screenshots, and texts. The project is inherently exploratory; notes aren't strictly organised by their publication date, but randomly displayed or linked through contextual associations. It is not refined or complete; notes are published as half-finished compositions that will grow and evolve over time. It is a non-performative — but intentional and thoughtful — continuously evolving work-in-progress. It is an attempt to reconfigure a stream environment by presenting content in a richly linked landscape that grows slowly over time.

stream. was born in the context of discussions around different ways of thinking about online behaviour, creative work, and information. It is a response to ideas around sharing processes and accumulating personal knowledge over time in an explorable space.

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