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           Valeria Granillo Studio is a multidisciplinary practice operating across media at the intersection of design, art, and architecture.

Our practice embraces a broad spectrum of typologies and methods, from space planning through creative strategy, design consultancy, and product development. Whether designing to meet a client's brief, doing research or developing independent projects, the studio applies the same rigorous attention to context, process, and detail and combined approach — balancing intuitive and analytical thinking, driven by dialogue between the involved parties. As a result, our portfolio is characterised by meticulously researched outcomes.

Founder Valeria Granillo — independently or with a team of collaborators — works transversely across commercial and non-commercial domains to benefit from the osmotic transferring of knowledge and skills between the two. This crossflow of experience together with the aesthetic philosophy, research base, and multidisciplinary expertise give the studio a unique perspective.

The studio is committed to making a positive contribution to the world; we support and work with businesses, institutions, and professionals that care about the future and promote responsible behaviour towards the challenges that our world is facing culturally, economically, and environmentally.

While we are happy to be a small studio, we have the ambition to one day build a platform with other studios and professionals, sharing resources, collaborating on larger research projects, and offering a broader range of services.

We believe in sharing knowledge and collaboration across disciplines and are always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas, or opportunities. Feel free to reach out to us.

         ︎︎︎ Key services

Research and Analysis • Strategy • Concept Development • Creative Direction • Curation • Creative Production • Space Planning • Styling • Exhibition Design • Integrated Campaigns • Branding • Print and Digital Design • Product Design and Development

         ︎︎︎ Selected clients and collaborators

Architectmade • CPH:DOX — the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival • Flussi — the International Media Arts and Digital Culture Festival • Magasinet KBH • Århus University — School of Communication and Culture

         ︎︎︎ Selected competitions and exhibitions

Danish Architecture Center, 2018 • 'From Border to Home: Housing Solutions for Asylum Seekers in Finland' Architectural Competition, 2016 • The Venice Architecture Biennale, 2014 • The AIAP, Associazione italiana design della comunicazione visiva (Italian Association of Visual Communication Design) Design Competition, 2012 • The ADI, Associazione per il disegno industriale (Italian Association of Industrial Design) Design Competition, 2011

Italian-born-and-raised, — currently — Copenhagen-based, Valeria Granillo runs the studio. Valeria holds a Master's degree in Architecture, Conservation, and Design. She believes that the role of architecture extends beyond the built object; to her architectural thinking is a mindset that allows one to investigate multiple realities through spatial practices, and to respond to, in very practical terms, a wide variety of market and research opportunities. She sees the architect as a point in a network of knowledge points who feeds them constantly participating in — but not necessarily leading — a process where interdisciplinarity is essential in order to understand the complexity of the world.

Throughout her career she has collaborated with companies and individuals from the worlds of design, architecture, arts, and culture to run or contribute to projects of all scales from conception to completion. Her aim is to establish functional, balanced, and intimate structures that respect the creative process, bridge disciplines, and enable diverse teams.

When left to her own devices, Valeria will usually be found taking notes︎︎︎ or working on self-initiated projects. She is currently focusing on human-technology relations, the expanding definition of design, and the role of architecture in orchestrating relationships in spaces — both physical and online.

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