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           Valeria Granillo Studio is an interdisciplinary studio operating globally across architecture, design, and communications.

Through comprehensive analysis, insightful research, tailored concept, actionable strategy, thoughtful design, and nuanced communication, we craft and implement holistic interventions to help our clients move forward.

Next to commissions and collaborations, the studio investigates topics in art, architecture, design, media and technology in self-initiated projects.

The world can be seen as a vast and complex system of interdependence and interconnectedness.

Our ambition is to facilitate a deeper understanding of the contexts and to contribute to a sustainable future through proposals for long-term value creation based on the combination of knowledge from multiple disciplines and the active collaboration with professionals from different fields in an open process that brings a broad range of voices together and focuses on the single elements as well as the matrix of relationships that connects them.

By challenging and diluting disciplinary boundaries and setting up interdependencies between elements that unfold over time while critically evaluating the existing and combining what it is relevant with the new, we feed the exchange of knowledge and dialogue, and address complexity with respect for past, present and future.

Our services include analysis and research, concept development, creative strategy, business development, project management, art direction, brand and communications strategy, creative production, space planning, interior design, exhibition design, design consultancy, product development, event management.

Valeria Granillo is the director of the studio. She is an architect, designer, strategist, and producer; she has spent more than 8 years working with companies in the creative industries, conceptualising ideas and helping teams develop worthwhile projects of all scales from initiation to closure. If names matter, her collaborations include CAFx — Copenhagen Architecture Festival︎︎︎ — currently as Head of Communications, Project Manager and Curator, BIG Ideas — the think tank and research arm of Bjarke Ingels Group︎︎︎, the School of Communication and Culture︎︎︎ at Århus University, CPH:DOX — the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival︎︎︎.

Valeria is originally from Italy and is currently based in Copenhagen. She holds a MArch from the University of Naples Federico II, where she graduated summa cum laude in Architecture, Design and Conservation. In addition, Valeria attended Programs touching on Creative Business Development, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Marketing and Brand Management, Project Management, Visual Communication, Photography, Creative Coding. She is a mentor at Arkitektforeningen — the Danish Association of Architects — and writes a regular newsletter about the creative process and intentional work — soon to be launched.

When left to her own devices, Valeria will usually be found taking notes︎︎︎ or working on self-initiated projects. She is currently focusing on the expanding definition of design, human-technology relations, Web3, and the role of architecture in orchestrating relationships in spaces — both physical and online.

We believe in sharing knowledge and collaborating across disciplines and are always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas, or opportunities. Feel free to reach out to us.

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