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︎ ≈ 55°44'09.9"N 12°40'06.6"E


         ︎︎︎ The 2012 edition of Flussi
          A projection-mapping piece built with 3D software suite Cinema 4D in combination with the hybrid visual/textual live-programming tool VVVV

          The installation piece involves layering geometry over traditionally-shot videos of nature and architecture. It explores the tension between form, matter, and real-time digital sculpting combined with the perfection and aesthetics of computer software. It was realised during the 2012 artist-in-residence program of the cultural association Magnitudo and Flussi — the International Media Arts and Digital Culture Festival.

2012 | Arts and Culture | Concept • Film and Motion Graphics • Development | In collaboration with Emanuele Russo
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