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         ︎︎︎ Design Anthropological Futures
          A book that explores design anthropology's focus on futures  

          In Design Anthropological Futures, the authors push the frontiers of design anthropology, examining what the discipline is and what it is becoming. Throughout the book, they reveal both the challenges and potentials of this rapidly growing transdisciplinary field. Divided into four sections – Ethnographies of the Possible, Interventionist Speculation, Collaborative Formation of Issues, and Engaging Things – , the book develops readers' understanding of the central theoretical and methodological aspects of future knowledge production in design anthropology.

The book, published by Bloomsbury, was commissioned by The School of Communication and Culture in Århus︎︎︎ and edited by researchers from the same school's Department of Information Science, the Centre for Interacting Minds, and the Department of Anthropology.

The ‘real’, that plays a central role in the book, is intended as contexts, people, and things, connected to time — past, present, and future — , engaging in design processes and in collaborative and material interventions. The book cover image represents the space of ‘possibilities’, intended as a speculative space for reflection and exploration.

2016 | Arts and Culture | Concept • Book Design • Photography • Image-making
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