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︎ ≈ 55°44'09.9"N 12°40'06.6"E


         ︎︎︎ A Utopian Space for Reflection
          A physical installation on the roof of the medieval fortress Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples

          A Utopian Space for Reflection is a sensory art experience created through ordinary elements. As the primary response to a space, light is an element that plays an essential role in supporting moods, feelings, perceptions, and human connection. This work explores the vision for a collective place of contemplation and reflection, and investigates how lighting can be designed to suit our minds, help us find depth and meaning, and guide us through spaces.

The project was created as a submission to the 2011 competition A Work for Castel Sant’Elmo, organised by the Ministry for Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Activities. The work consists of a physical installation located on the rooftop of the medieval fortress — overlooking the city and bound by a simple structure ofwhite panels as walls. The white panels have holes with different dimensions and shapes to create a multitude of spatial experiences. They help visitors explore intimacy and openness as well as light and shadow inside the structure. Visitors are invited to sit, lie down, or explore the city through the ’windows’.

The space, shaped by natural light during the day, becomes a reference point for the city from below. As the evening progresses, lights placed within the walls of the installation create a warm glow — turning the space into a lantern visible from several points in the city.

2011 | Arts and Culture | Concept • Temporary Installation Design • Project Management | In collaboration with Luana Iuliani, Sara Smarrazzo
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