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         ︎︎︎ CPH:DOX — Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival  
          A series of works for the 2015 edition of the festival

          CPH:DOX is the official name for the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival︎︎︎, an international documentary film festival, one of the largest in Europe, established in 2003 and held annually in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its program consistently transcends traditional boundaries between disciplines and media; the festival aims to offer perspectives on creative crossovers between cinema, television, and media art — ranging from the works of the greatest international directors to new talents. CPH:DOX anchors documentary films in a social context through debates, artist talks, events and masterclasses — establishing a space for reflection and dialogue.

The works highlight the festival's overall artistic profile and explore the theme of the year — the Anthropocene — through an abstract perspective.

2015 | Arts and Culture | Art Direction • Brand Identity • Photography • Image-making • Print and Digital Design • Campaigns

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